Blame the consumer is a production company that takes pride in its high level of quality work. We specialise in (but not limited to) short films, feature length, screenwriting, weddings, events & more. We, as a team, strive to produce work that is always raising the bar for media production, especially in the UK.


In 2013, our head writer and director, R.M. Moses, kick started the BTC journey as he began writing short movies. Now we are in 2017, Blame The Consumer now have an incredible catalogue of productions under its belt, with films being shown at ilm festivals around the world. 2017 has been a big year for us as a media production company as we start to establish our name as a credible production team with several award winning films.


The team at Blame The Consumer has an incredibly high work ethic, and thats what we like to think our secret recipe is. Creating undiluted and compelling art which doesn't compensate quality for comprehension.

Our aim is to supply creatively stimulating content...



The team have a combined wealth of knowledge and experience in video production and the film industry, which sets precendent for our work ethic and quality pledge. We offer our clients incredible and compelling productions, with the ability to help develop their written procedures for the best product imagined. Our team range from writers, to crew members, to directors.


Every year we hold film premieres for unreleased films we work on. This has proven to be an incredible tool to network and find new talent. Also it is just an amazing experience for us as filmmakers and our actors to walk the red carpet for our own films. We take pride in our work and these events are selfless in nature, always putting the spotlight on the talent and art.

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